About Me


Dr. Thomas MadaraDr. Thomas Madara BS, MS, DMD, FICOI, FAGD is a dentist with a dedication to family, friends, and the art of oral medicine. Avid fly fisherman, black belt, Fellow, General Practice owner, Attending at St. Luke’s Hospital and Thanksgiving turkey aficionado, you might call Dr. Madara a “Renaissance Dentist”. In truth, Dr. Madara excels in a variety of medical settings and is working toward a gentler, non-invasive approach to dental practices of the future.

Dr. Madara received his Bachelors of Science from Saint Francis University. He completed his Masters and Doctor of Medical Dentistry at the University of Pennsylvania, where he worked on a thesis focusing on the development of a herpes simplex virus vaccine. At the Wistar Institute of Pennsylvania, Dr. Madara had the honor of working with Dr. Tom O’Brien on a cancer research project. He worked a graduate research project with Dr. Andre Kozinski, one of the great minds behind the current model of DNA replication. These men remain two of Dr. Madara’s greatest role models, and inspire him to continually learn, grow, and gain additional knowledge to this day. After all, “you can never have too many letters after your name.”

Dr. Madara ran three dental practices as a partnership and sole proprietorship from graduation in 1986 until 1989, when he consolidated the business into one location in Bethlehem, PA. Dr. Madara still runs this office today, which has grown into a successful General Practice. He treats patients ranging in ages from 3 to 96 years old. It is truly, “cradle to grave dentistry”. Dr. Madara has excellent relationships with various specialists as well, and can recommend a periodontist, endodontist, and oral surgeon with confidence. Dr. Madara works closely with a prosthodontist, who excels in full mouth reconstruction.

In addition to running his private practice, Dr. Madara decided to re-enter the realm of community health in 2002.  He joined the St. Luke’s community health project, which began as a small portable unit and expanded into a three chair Winnebago. An extremely rewarding and growing health organization, Dr. Madara was able to successfully complete over 1,000 procedures for underprivileged patients in 2009 alone. This practice is in the process of bringing on another dentist by the end of the year, and is quickly becoming a community success story.

Recently, Dr. Madara was assigned to St. Luke’s graduate residency program as an “Attending”. In 2009, he became a Fellow in the Academy of General Dentistry and the International College of Oral Implantology. These achievements have given him the ability to surgically place implants (specifically for removable dental prosthetics and single tooth implants) at his private practice in Bethlehem. Dr. Madara is currently working on a new, non-invasive approach to common dental issues. Gentle procedures involve treatment through medication, oral rinses, and toothpaste. This new method represents the future of dental medicine, and is a precursor to the future dental practice to come.

Dr. Madara lives in Bethlehem PA with his wife Mary, two dogs, and three cats. Mary works as a physical therapist for Just Born Candy, contributing to her husband’s clientele. Dr. Madara has run the Philly half marathon three times and enjoys karate, bike riding, fly-fishing, and cooking. His daughter attends The University of Scranton, and is a black belt as well. No teeth have been lost in father-daughter combat thus far.