Family Dentistry in the Lehigh Valley since 1985

Your teeth are …

 “More Precious Than Pearls …” ®sm

My approach to dentistry is that healthy teeth and a beautiful smile are a sign of a healthy person. My staff and I are committed to helping you achieve that goal by setting our standard at the highest level of quality within a warm and friendly atmosphere.

All restorations are designed to be in balance and harmony with your head and neck muscles. I believe a balanced bite is essential to overall good health.



  • * Routine Cleanings * Routine Extractions
  • * White Fillings * Single Canal Root Canal’s
  • * Deep Periodontal Cleanings * Crowns
  • * Bridges * Partial Dentures


  • * Whitening * Porcelain Laminate Veneers
  • * All Porcelain Crowns * Direct Resin Bonding


  • * Implant Restorations * Crown-Partial Combinations
  • * TMJ Therapies, bite balancing * Turbyfill Dentures
  • * Relief from teeth grinding


The majority of my patients have selected a fee for service arrangement, with a 20% courtesy reduction in cost for payment at time of service.

We belong to the Delta Dental Premier of PA offered to St Luke’s Employees and by other major companies in the Lehigh Valley.
We are now a member of Guardian Dental Insuance .

As part of the service, we will process your insurance  forms and mail them in to the company for you.


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